Tech Exchange
Tech Exchange – the webinar for presentations from leading companies in the imaging field!

Approximately once  a month, directly after the Virtual Pub at 14:00h CE(S)T, we offer the floor to companies that want to showcase their technologies and exciting applications in biological and biomedical imaging – whether they offer systems solution or tailored parts, tools, workflows or software! We welcome large and small companies alike – please get in touch if you are a company with a new technology or product and would like to present.

We are looking forward to exciting presentation of innovative technologies from our Industry Board and other companies that address the imaging needs of our research community.

When: Please check our calendar below for the next episode. We aim to have monthly webinars, but the exact date will vary depending on the overall technology focus of the event, to ensure that community interest and company offer are a match.

How to join: Everyone is free to join, but registration is required. Just sign up for the Tech Exchange and Euro-BioImaging’s Virtual Pub scientific seminar series once, and you will get automatic reminders for upcoming events. Register here.

Recordings: Some of our Tech Exchange events have been recorded. See the list below for links or visit our YouTube channel.

About the Tech Exchange

In March 2021, the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board launched the Tech Exchange webinar series – one hour of technology and product presentations that provides an opportunity for imaging facilities and users in the Euro-BioImaging network to learn about new technologies and imaging products and exchange on technical questions.

Selected companies from among our Industry Board members will give short presentations on a given technology or application followed by either a Q&A session or panel discussion depending on topic. Limited opportunities (single participation, short presentation slot) will be given to prospective Industry Board members to participate in the Tech Exchange irrespective of membership status.

This webinar series is part of our training offer.