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Olympus Scientific Solutions is now Evident, but our commitment to creating advanced life science and industrial solutions that help make the world safer and healthier is unchanged. At Evident, we are guided by the scientific spirit — innovation and exploration are at the heart of what we do. Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers through collaboration and cutting-edge life science solutions. Dedicated to meeting the challenges and supporting the evolving needs of its customers, Evident Life Science advances a comprehensive range of clinical research, educational, and premium microscopes and microscope systems.

“We at Evident put a strong emphasis on developing solutions that meet the application needs of our users. Euro-BioImaging enables us to exchange with almost 200 imaging facilities and their users to identify new trends and to support their training activities.”

Martin Tewinkel

Senior Systems Business Manager, Life Science EMEA, Industry Board Co-Chair



Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Ever since the company started as a family business in the nineteenth century, its instruments have been widely recognized for their optical precision and innovative technology. It is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopes.

“Most exciting about the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board is the exchange on current trends, challenges and enablers for the scientific community on the way to new insights and on how industry can facilitate this journey.”

Jochen Sieber

Team Leader Product Management Confocal Microscopy



Nikon is a globally recognized opto-electronic and precision company with over 100 years of innovation, delivering customer focused technologies that are environmentally sustainable and in line with UN Corporate responsibility goals. Nikon Microscope Solutions, a division of Nikon’s Healthcare Business provide research and clinical microscope-based imaging solutions that harness the power of light to support scientists in their pursuit to continuously improve the quality of human life with a wide range cutting-edge instruments including microscopes, confocal, super-resolution systems, digital imaging products and software.

“The Industry Board delivers a fantastic forum to improve our connection and communication with a wider scientific audience to gain valuable insight and feedback for future collaborations and technology developments.”

Daniel Ciepielewski

General Manager - Strategy, Product & Marketing

Thermo Fisher


For scientific and applied research organizations who need actionable insights from their imaging data, our imaging, analysis and data management Electron Microscopy systems and software solutions help accelerate discovery time.

“Thermo Scientific supports life scientists in their discoveries, from sample to knowledge, as it offers a versatile and comprehensive solution to push boundaries in their Biomedical and Life research.”

Xavier Grandmaison

Channel Sales Manager



ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics and is organized in 4 segments: Medical Technology, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Quality & Research and Consumer Markets.

ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions is the world’s only one-stop manufacturer of light, electron, X-ray and ion microscope systems and offers solutions for correlative microscopy. The portfolio comprises of products and services for life sciences, materials and industrial research, as well as education and clinical practice. ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions is part of the Industrial Quality & Research segment.

“The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board provides an excellent platform to interact with the research community, consistently understand their needs and market trends in order to improve our products, solutions and services permanently for the success of our customers.”

Herbert Schaden

Vice President & Head of Global Academia Key Account & Customer Relationship, Industry Board Chair



Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems. The Company’s corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of photonics through extensive research and yields products that are regarded as state-of-the-art. Developments in digital imaging continue to be made by Hamamatsu, most recently with our range of high-speed scientific CMOS cameras. Our solutions fit applications from routine microscopy through to the most demanding of imaging applications.

Sebastian Beer

Senior Application Engineer

“The Industry Board offers us the opportunity to further develop our relationships with the research community and better understand the needs of our customers, in order to ensure our solutions continue to drive innovation within the imaging industry.”

Walter Gräwe

Former Group Leader Camera

Michael Kehr

Group Leader Systems


Excelitas PCO GmbH

Excelitas PCO GmbH was founded in 1987 with the aim of developing and producing special camera systems, mainly for measurement purposes. The product range includes devices with very short exposure times up to 3ns, as well as systems with long exposure times and extreme light sensitivity. PCO supplies cameras for demanding industrial use, systems for scientific laboratories, and individual tailor-made solutions. Strict quality controls and a high quality standard ensure reliably functioning cameras. In September 2021 PCO was acquired by Excelitas Technologies.

“The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board provides an important opportunity to network and exchange with the research community, to better understand their requirements and needs in order to improve our products, solutions and services to help our customers to find the answers to their scientific questions.”

Gerhard Holst

Head of Science & Research



ACQUIFER Imaging GmbH develops and integrates automated microscopy workflows mainly around Zebrafish in multi well plates. With the ACQUIFER Imaging Machine, we provide a unique imaging platform specifically designed for working with embryos and other non-adherent samples. To accommodate the large data files generated by HCS and other core facility tools, ACQUIFER developed the HIVE for fast transfer and fast computation on large data sets. HIVE works with all major imaging software allowing a free choice of analysis tools to researchers.

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Andor are global leaders in the development and manufacture of high performance scientific digital cameras, microscopy systems and spectrographs for academic, industrial and government applications. Through continuous dialogue with our customers and strong teamwork we continue to innovate ground-breaking products, improving the world in which we live. Our core purpose is to empower our customers to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, enabling a greener economy, increased connectivity, improved health and leaps in scientific understanding. We are devoted to accelerating the greatest scientific advancements of our age. It matters to us that the products we develop make a real difference to our customers and contribute significantly to their research. We want to deliver differentiated, accessible solutions to the widest possible scientific research and industrial communities.

“We want to be part of a network that gives us the opportunity to hear about the trends and challenges of imaging communities across Europe, discuss solutions and share our resources. We strongly believe this exchange of information is beneficial for both sides and creates synergies that will drive innovation in industry and research.”

Ruediger Bader

Sales Team Leader - Confocal Microscopy EMEA

Aishwarya Sivakumar

DENSsolutions logo


DENSsolutions B.V. is a company created in 2012 and specialized in the development of solutions for in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy, using Microelectromechanical (MEMS) Devices as smart sample carriers, among which one of our strongest product lines is for Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy (LPTEM). This enables single particle analysis, cell biology studies, pharmaceutical applications and, overall, the visualization of biological processes with high resolution and as a function of stimuli (e.g. temperature, flow rate, biasing, pressure, etc.).

“The EuroBioImaging Industry Board provides us with an ideal platform to comprehend the market requirements and the vision of the experts within life science. The interaction with the research community will certainly help us to promote our solutions, while understanding the trends to improve our technology and products further”

Hugo Pérez-Garza


Vasilis Papadimitriou

BioMEMS Development Manager



FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc is the world leader in real-time, in vivo, micro-imaging systems, providing a platform specifically designed for small animal research. Our high-end equipment allows to perform deep tissue imaging (down to several cm) at high resolution (down to 30 µm), providing unmatched structural, functional, and molecular data from the living animal. Our platforms combine deep-tissue photoacoustic imaging combined with ultra high frequency ultrasound setting a new standard for in vivo imaging.

“Being part of the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board allows us to be at the pulse of a cutting edge research network enabling us to learn and tailor our offering to the researcher’s needs.”

Dieter Fuchs

Market Development and Preclinical Applications

Laurence Rayssiguier

Marketing Manager Europe


Life Imaging Services GmbH

Life Imaging Services specializes in developing solutions and manufacturing tailor-made equipment for the field of live microscopy. We offer complete workstations, incubation systems, bio-safety systems, chambers, mechanical, optical and electronic adapters, image-acquisition, -processing, and -analysis software, and more.

Beat Ludin

Scientific Director

Franco Del Principe



PicoQuant Innovation GmbH

PicoQuant is a research and development company specialized in optoelectronics based in Berlin, Germany. The company is a worldwide leader in the field of single photon counting applications. Our product portfolio encompasses picosecond pulsed diode lasers, ultra fast time taggers and photon counters, single photon sensitive detectors, time-resolved confocal and super-resolution fluorescence microscopes, as well as fluorescence lifetime spectrometers. More than 125 people currently work for the PicoQuant group.

“The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board offers us an additional channel to stay closely connected with the research community and learn about trends, insights and challenges we can help to overcome.”

Frederik Siegmann

Head of Marketing

Fabian Jolmes

Application Specialist Sales & Marketing

Prospective Instruments

Prospective Instruments

Prospective Instruments is a manufacturer of multimodal multi-photon microscopes and femtosecond lasers. The startup is based in Dornbirn (Austria) & Regensdorf (Switzerland). Founded by Dr. Lukas Krainer it started operations in 2019.  In addition to its devices, the company offers two services: the in-house imaging service & booking a demo device.

Prospective’s main goal is to provide the research and clinical community with turn-key, flexible, modular and highly compact devices. All researchers, scientists and clinicians should have access to high quality, affordable multimodal microscopes and femtosecond lasers.

“The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board provides a unique platform to connect with the scientific and research community and detect new trends to support the community in their need and improve our products and services.”

Stefanie Kiderlen


Lukas Krainer

CEO and Founder

telight logo


Telight specializes in the development of light optics instruments for life sciences. It offers innovative solutions for research centers, laboratories, and universities worldwide. Their focus is on the development of highly specialized devices for live-cell analysis.

An example of development in Brno is a holographic microscope Q-Phase, which won the Werner von Siemens Award for the most critical development and innovation in 2013.

“Telight wishes to participate in forming the future of light microscopy in Europe.”

Michal Kotek


Petr Jaros


Vojtech Sanetrnik


TISSUE GNOSTICS - Precision that inspires

TissueGnostics GmbH

TissueGnostics is a solution provider for Precision Medicine / Next-Generation Digital Pathology and provides fully integrated cutting-edge tissue cytometers. Our instruments are available in multiple configurations for brightfield, fluorescence, multispectral, confocal as well as high-throughput scanning & whole slide imaging (WSI) to contextual tissue cytometry & quantitative pathology. Our Tissue Cytometers support all kind of applications in human, animal and plant tissue.

“TissueGnostics would like to collaborate with other companies on standardization of automated microscopy and image cytometry.”

Rupert Ecker


TOKAI Hit logo


TOKAI HIT is a leading-edge manufacturer founded in 1994 that delivers live-cell imaging solutions worldwide from Japan. TOKAI HIT consistently carries out the development, manufacturing, and distribution of microscope incubation systems, which is an essential tool for live-cell study in the biological, medical, and pharmaceutical fields.

“The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board is a great community that provides a fantastic network and provides us with a better understanding of the research to improve our products and services.”

Takanori Tsuchiya

President & CEO, TOKAI HIT