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Interested in becoming a member?

Board membership is open to all companies working in biological and (bio-)medical imaging field. Currently the Board members consist of a range of companies in the field of imaging, which are joined together by their recognition of the importance working closely with the open access infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging, to strengthening imaging research in Europe.

By working as a single, professional entity the Board sets its own goals to proactively drive the interaction between the imaging industry, European researchers and the imaging facilities linked in Euro-BioImaging. A close relationship to Euro-BioImaging opens the door to current research trends and usage of imaging products, the organization of joint initiatives and common lobbying activities. Achieving this close interaction between industry and research communities boosts innovation in biomedical sciences, strengthens the position of companies which can accelerate new developments to the market and builds a foundation of sustainable industry interactions.

The Industry Board runs a membership scheme to collect funding for the Board‘s activities and a dedicated Industry Board Coordinator who supports the Industry Board to achieve its objectives and organizes a series of activities to systematically strengthen and broaden the Board’s knowledge of imaging research and the two-way dialogue with its stakeholders.

Membership benefits

Examples of Industry Board activities and membership benefits include:

  • Streamlined contact to the research infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging, and its 5,000 stakeholders
  • Invitation to and participation in Euro-BioImaging stakeholder meetings
  • Visibility amongst and interaction with national imaging communities
  • Close links with Euro-BioImaging and its 33 Nodes of cutting-edge biological and biomedical imaging facilities
  • Joint lobbying for imaging to national and European funders
  • Direct information from Euro-BioImaging Nodes about their operation, management and use of technologies
  • Feedback from users about their experience with technologies, interesting samples and information about new applications
  • One-to-one networking opportunities with other imaging companies
  • Industry-driven meetings and workshops to understand the needs of the imaging community
  • Overview of the imaging-associated funding activities in Europe
  • Insight into European research trends and culture changes

More information on how to become a member

Prospective members have the opportunity to attend one Board meeting as an observer. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board, please contact the Industry Board Coordinator to set up a call. We can discuss how you and your company specifically could benefit from Industry Board membership.