Tech Exchange is back in 2024 and February will be our Tech Exchange month with an exciting company presentation every week!


Our Tech Exchange months will continue with a presentation from Rosy Manser from ZEISS Microscopy on “Using 3D X-ray Imaging in Life Science Research – An Introduction to Capturing the 3D Structure of Biological Specimens using X-rays”. 

Understanding physiological structures is at the core of many research questions in life science. Electron microscopy offers structural information at the ultra-resolution level, but you may wish to capture larger volumes from your samples. Or perhaps you would like to streamline your multimodal imaging workflows by quickly acquiring an overview 3D dataset. Using X-ray tomography you can capture larger volumes of structural information down to sub-micron resolution from samples ranging from millimeters to tens of centimeters in size. Specimens as varied as mineralized and soft tissues, organs, organoids, plant specimens or whole organisms can be imaged, and this approach is now becoming a key technology for life scientists who need a broader picture of the anatomical structures they are investigating.

Join this talk to discover how X-ray imaging can uncover cellular insights inside intact, 3D biological specimens and unlock new insights in your research


Image: Sample courtesy of Lara Konijnenberg and Anat Akiva, Radboud University Medical Center

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