We are please to present to you our two new Industry Board members, TOKAI Hit and Andor Technology, in our upcoming Tech Exchange webinar episodes on 8th March and 5th April.

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We will start with TOKAIHIT and CEO Takanori Tsuchiya and European Sales Representative Kei Nishioka, who will present on “Novel Approach for environmental control for live-cell imaging & further approach in Dynamic Culture”.

TOKAIHIT is a 30-year-old company located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, supporting advanced microscope techniques with our incubation solutions.

Stage top incubator has been their best-selling product over the decades. It is compact yet reliable, stable, and trustable. Cell culture performance has been their strength point worldwide. It maintains optimal sample temperature, humidity & CO2 for live cell imaging on top of the microscope stage.

Last year, TOKAIHIT launched a new enclosure incubator, called the “WarmingBox”, which has achieved advanced temperature performance with our unique approach. They prioritize the sample temperature and have integrated the “Nosepiece Heater” and “Panel Heater” into their enclosure incubator. Thanks to both dedicated heaters, the temperature of the vessel bottom and the entire nosepiece area are controlled optimally. One will get evenness of the temperature distribution in the well plates. During the presentation, TOKAIHIT will showcase some more unique features of the WarmingBox, which provides the ultimate solution for live-cell imaging.

The latter part of the presentation will be about their fluidic solutions for dynamic culturing. Takanori and Kei will introduce their fluid control system, which enables perfusion, media exchange, and drug delivery on the microscope stage during imaging. TOKAIHIT has various systems for many applications, such as MPS, organoid research, drug discovery, and tissue culture.

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