Our second new Industry Board member, Andor Technology, will introduce themselves and the Dragonfly600 on 5th April.

Aishwarya Sivakumar, Applications Specialist, will talk about “Combining Fast 3D confocal imaging and Photomanipulation on the Andor Dragonfly600”.

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The Andor Dragonfly600 is a high-performance multi-modal imaging platform. It is predominantly a spinning disk confocal microscope but allows imaging in widefield, confocal and TIRF imaging modalities along with two modes of super-resolution microscopy. In this talk we will present the key features of the Dragonfly600 that make it one of the most versatile imaging solutions. We will then address the challenges of performing photomanipulation experiments on a spinning disk system and present two devices – Mosaic and the MicroPoint 4 – which enable experiments such as FRAP, optogenetic activation, ablation and uncaging.

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