On Wednesday 24th April, we are organizing a free 2.5hr advanced online training workshop on ”Remote access for electron microscopy” together with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Instruct ERIC as part of the eRImote project. The workshop will be delivered by training and application specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific and is targeted at facility staff and advanced users from our RIs.

The workshop encompasses both remote operations and remote data analysis, and includes live demos and showcases, featuring interactive demonstrations and presentations. Ample time will be allocated for discussing individual use cases and answering questions. The workshop will focus on the technical aspects of remote instrument control and data analysis, while aspects of IT infrastructure requirements and training will only be covered briefly.

Members of the participating research infrastructures and the eRImote project can register and provide your input into training content by completing a pre-workshop questionnaire.

We are happy to be able to deliver this advanced training to our network together with our Industry Board partner.