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“Meet the EVIDENT FLUOVIEW™ FV4000 Confocal Microscope” with Bülent Peker from EVIDENT.

Explore the potential of the new FV4000 laser scanning microscope in your research. Featuring our groundbreaking SilVIR™ detector technology, this innovation is tailored to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community’s demands.

Operating exclusively in a fully quantitative digital integration mode, the FV4000 microscope ensures higher precision in data acquisition. With an exceptional full 16-bit wide linear dynamic range, high quantum efficiency detectors, and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, it sets unprecedented standards for versatility and clarity. Complemented by an impressive range of up to 10 laser lines, and a laser power monitor for reproducible excitation power.

Join this exclusive EVIDENT webinar for an in-depth exploration of the technology that position the FV4000 microscope as a cutting-edge solution, specifically crafted for the needs of imaging core facilities.

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