Tech Exchange is back in 2024 and February will be our Tech Exchange month with an exciting company presentation every week!


Left: Real Mouse scanned in SPECT-CT,

right: BioMouse Phantom for quality control scanned in SPECT-CT.

Credit: Gremse-IT.

We are kicking off with Dr. Felix Gremse, from Gremse IT, who will present “Imalytics Preclinical Software: Quantitative imaging, Quality Control & Dosimetry”.

Modern Multimodal imaging devices provide rich anatomical and molecular imaging data. This data is valuable for preclinical and clinical research if quantitative analysis can be performed accurately and efficiently. The Imalytics Preclinical software provides interactive and automated tool for image processing, visualization, segmentation, and quantification. This webinar shows how this easy-to-learn software can be used to generate biodistribution data from longitudinal PET-CT or SPECT-CT data, to estimate dosimetry information for theranostic tracers, and how to support scientific studies with automated analysis of quality control scans.

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