The Tech Exchange will start again on 7th October, directly after the Euro-BioImaging Virtual Pub  – just stay on or join us at 2pm CEST using the same Zoom link!

We are looking forward to hearing about new technology developments in TIRF and super resolution, this time from:

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Pierre Türschmann from Interherence will present on “Ensuring reproducibility, high-throughput and ease of use in super resolution microscopy via chip-based technologies”.

Biological systems are complex and many environmental parameters affect their behavior. The chemical conditions of the sample volume, including pH and salt concentration, are often well considered when designing experiments in high and super-resolution microscopy. However, control over the physical conditions such as temperature or the amount of light deposited in the sample volume are often not well characterized and might differ from setup to setup. In this presentation, we focus on temperature control and well-defined, large area TIRF illumination via chip-based technologies. Both help to improve reproducibility in biophysical studies of living cells, proteins or DNA and make interpretation of the acquired data easier.
The presentation will their brand new QuScite system, the world’s first waveguide-based total internal reflection (TIR) system for high- and super-resolution microscopy.