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In this episode of the Tech Exchange we look at the correlation of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Pavel Komarov from NenoVision will present on “LiteScope 2.5 – The next step in the AFM-in-SEM analysis”.

The LiteScope is a new generation of “plug & play” atomic force microscopy (AFM) microscope that can be easily integrated into a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) system for correlative multimodal sample analysis. This microscope offers several unique features, making it an excellent tool for in-situ sample characterization and precise localization of regions of interest.

Firstly, the microscope offers correlative multimodal sample analysis by combining the high-resolution imaging capabilities of AFM (and 12 more related techniques) with the capabilities of SEM material analysis. This combination allows for a more comprehensive understanding of a sample’s properties, leading to better insights into its structure and behaviour.

Secondly, it enables in-situ sample characterization, allowing researchers to analyze samples under laboratory-controlled conditions, including temperature and humidity. This capability is crucial for research on oxidation-sensitive samples, whereas LiteScope offers a way to prepare and measure the sample without the need to take the sample out of a vacuum.

Finally, LiteScope provides precise localization of the region of interest, enabling researchers to target specific areas of a sample with high accuracy. This feature is handy in analyzing complex samples, where it can be difficult to isolate specific regions of interest.

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