Towards community standards in Adaptive Feedback Microscopy

Adaptive Feedback or ‘Smart’ Microscopy is an emerging field that is gaining importance e.g. in the context of large image data acquisitions and investigation of rare events by creating a feedback between the 4-dimensional detection of specific features to be imaged and tailored acquisition workflows. While there are several software solutions for microscopy control that can be used to implement smart-microscopy workflows, there is no reference specification on what functionalities are needed, or how these workflows could be implemented.

After the successful 2022 Euro-BioImaging/ Industry Board workshop, we set up a working group with participants from academia and industry to establish such a standard specification and to put forth desired workflows, then in dialog we find functionality requirements, reach common terminologies, and share these with the community for feedback and improvement. Ultimately, we want to help facilitate the development of smart-microscopy applications, and enable their execution across imaging-systems with similar modalities.

The group was first presented at ELMI 2023. More information can be found on Zenodo. In the second half of 2023, we aim to develop several use cases and collect feedback from the community (via GitHub).

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