We will start the new year 2022 with another episode of the Tech Exchange on January 27th at 10:00am CET.

This time, we will look at machine learning and AI for image analysis with our two guest speakers: 

TISSUE GNOSTICS - Precision that inspires

Rupert Ecker will speak about “Contextual Tissue Cytometry with AI – The Virtual Histopathologist”.

Tissue Cytometry permits to determine the in-situ phenotype of cells as well as histological entities, like glands, vessels or tumor foci. Applications include but are not limited to the exploration of the cellular/tumor microenvironment and/or the spatial organization of cellular subpopulations, assessment of different bone structures, quantification of blood vessels and neovascularization as well as analysis of samples in multiplexing or multispectral mode. The research teams at TissueGnostics and Queensland University of Technology have joined forces to combine TissueGnostics’ existing tissue cytometry technology platform and established knowhow with innovative AI solutions to establish “The Virtual Histopathologist”.


Lucas Schütz will introduce “High quality biomedical image analysis as next generation service”.

Almost every new microscope today is highly automated, making large-scale image acquisition easy. While this is in principle a tremendous opportunity, scientists, imaging facilities and biotech companies first and foremost face a burden: data is produced faster than it can be analyzed. ariadne.ai provides a reliable high-quality image analysis service that allows you to focus on your research questions. ariadne.ai provides a full service, i.e. they take care of the whole pipeline from converting your data, over training data generation, model training, post processing, up to statistical analyses. ariadne.ai provides access to state-of-the-art deep learning technology to everyone with minimum effort.

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