The 21st April will lead us into the world of Electron Microscopy! After a Virtual Pub talk from the volume EM community, we will hear about latest developments from companies for the EM field. All are welcome to join us at 14:00h CEST.


“Entering the next level of volume EM – a high-throughout serial section acquisition workflow with ZEISS MultiSEM”

Scanning electron microscopy has become a standard method for 3D tissue volume-imaging, however, for large-scale experiments, fast acquisition workflows are needed. The multibeam SEM from ZEISS scans the sample with 91 electron beams in parallel, thereby massively increasing image data throughput. In this presentation, Anna Lena Eberle from ZEISS will give an overview of the high-throughput serial section image acquisition workflow with the ZEISS MultiSEM.

Everyone is free to join, but registration is required. Just sign up for the Tech Exchange and Euro-BioImaging’s Virtual Pub scientific seminar series once, and you will get automatic reminders for upcoming events.