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Kenneth Fahy from SiriusXT presents on “Seeing Cells in 3D: Bringing Soft X-ray Tomography to the Lab”.

Analysis of three-dimensional biological cell samples is critical for understanding the mechanisms of viral disease and for developing novel therapeutics. Soft X-ray microscopy (SXM) is the unique technology that can image whole intact cells in 3D under normal and pathological conditions without labelling or fixation, at high throughput and spatial resolution. The main challenge of SXM is that the photonic illumination required for imaging has heretofore only been available at synchrotron labs.

SiriusXT has developed a lab-scale SXM for three-dimensional imaging of whole cells and tissue sections that can be performed in a laboratory. The capabilities of this compact imaging device, combined with complementary light and electron microscopy approaches, is currently being demonstrated through a series of virology use cases to generate new scientific knowledge on the viral life cycle and host cell response to viral infection.

In this talk, Kenneth will give an overview of the instrument, sample workflows, and present recent imaging data from the microscope.