In the final Tech Exchange episode of the year, we look at scientific tools for image data analysis and how you can access these tools via Euro-BioImaging.

Start directly after the Euro-BioImaging Virtual Pub  – just stay on or join us at 2pm CET using the same Zoom link!

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Shubo Chakrabarti and Rob Holt from MathWorks present on “Open Biology with MATLAB: sharing data, code and tools in Bioimaging and Microscopy”.


MATLAB is a FAIR, versatile, scientific tool for data analysis in the life sciences. In this presentation, you will learn how MATLAB is used for medical image analysis and microscopy, including for AI applications.  The authors will review data access in MATLAB, good software development practices, writing human-readable code and building and working with hybrid workflows incorporating MATLAB and Python. There will also be a special focus on Open Science with MATLAB which will include sharing your MATLAB code with others (even those without a license), using MATLAB on Science Gateways and research e-infrastructure and scaling up your computing needs by using MATLAB on your local or a remote cluster.