Euro-BioImaging is offering industry internships in collaboration with the Master’s Programme in Biomedical Imaging (BIMA) in Turku, Finland, and Industry Board members ZEISS and TissueGnostics GmbH.

As part of a pilot programme, companies will offer students internship places that will be credited towards the MSc programme to get to know different job profiles in industry.

The trilateral Memorandum of Understanding was signed in December 2021 and first students completed their internship in 2022.

For information on how to apply for an internship at one of our partner companies, contact the Programme Coordinators in Turku at

Intern and manager

Want to hear about the experience of the first interns? Check out the interviews below!

After the pilot phase, we will evaluate the success of the collaboration with industry and might extend it to the other MSc degree programmes in our network. Companies interested in offering internship places to MSc students should approach

Our industry partners

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.  ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions with its headquarter in Jena, Germany, is the world’s only one-stop manufacturer of light, electron, X-ray and ion microscope systems and offers solutions for correlative microscopy. As an attractive employer with unique culture, ZEISS is an ideal employer for exceptional, dedicated talents and fosters internships as an important lever to get into contact with highly motivated students.

ZEISS can host up to three intern per year at its sites in Jena, Oberkochen and Munich in Germany, during which students will have a possibility to learn technologies, methods and applications in the field of Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Software for image processing and analysis.

TISSUE GNOSTICS - Precision that inspires

TissueGnostics GmbH is an SME[1] with its headquarter in Vienna, Austria. It has been founded in 2003 as a solution provider for Precision Medicine / Next-Generation Digital Pathology and provides fully integrated cutting-edge tissue cytometers. It now holds subsidiaries and offices in the EU, the USA, Asia-Pacific as well as South Africa and serves customers on all continents. TissueGnostics GmbH has strong R&D activities, especially in the field of microscopy automation and artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis solutions and is seeking industry as well as academic partnerships for collaborative projects.

TissueGnostics GmbH can host up to two interns per year during which students will have a possibility to learn about microscopy techniques, image analysis, tissue cytometry, ISO 13485-compliant quality management and production of medical instruments, as well as global marketing, as applicable to the student’s curriculum and dependent on ongoing projects at TissueGnostics at the time of the internship.

[1] Small-or-medium-enterprise