The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board organizes and participates in a number of activities throughout the year that aim to

  • Increase the innovation potential of the imaging industry by bringing together companies, Nodes and advanced users to tackle imaging bottlenecks and drive the development and improvement of new imaging products.
  • Broaden the customer base for EBIB by raising awareness of Euro-BioImaging’s technologies to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to increase the number of industry users and broaden the customer base for EBIB members.
  • Strengthen and expand expertise in imaging technologies by co-organizing workshops and training involving academic imaging facility staff (from Euro-BioImaging Nodes) together with industry partners and advanced academic users to assess and train in new, cutting-edge imaging technologies.

Please take a look at our events to find out where to meet our Board members and to get more information about Board membership, products and technologies of our companies, organized demos and trainings and other activities.


Board meetings

The Industry Board meets at least twice a year to discuss the strategic planning for the upcoming months and identify new areas of engagement for its members.

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Tech Exchange

In March 2021, the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board launched the Tech Exchange webinar series – one hour of technology and product presentations that provides an opportunity for imaging facilities and users in the Euro-BioImaging network to learn about new technologies and imaging products and exchange on technical questions.

The Tech Exchange will resume in 2022! Why not join us for the Special Edition of the Virtual Pub on December 10th for your chance to give a flash presentation on the subject of “COLD” in imaging. Open to speakers from both academia and industry!

Abstract submission: 


To find out more about upcoming episodes and watch recordings of past presentations, go to the Tech Exchange page.

Collaboration with other initiatives

Euro-BioImaging is also involved in numerous other initiatives, such as Global BioImaging, EOSC-Life, the BioImage Archive, LifeTime and CORBEL. Close relationship with Euro-BioImaging therefore provides the Industry Board with an easy access point to these European and global initiatives. Likewise, the wider research community has a single entry point in which to converse and collaborate with the imaging industry.